85% of couples conceive in the first year, I am not one of them

Come on already!

I’m getting impatient, the 2 week wait is complete torture for any woman TTC. I’m only 7dpo/8dpt today and I really bristle at the thought of having to wait another week for answers! I’ve been using OPKs since trigger day and the hcg has still not dropped from my system. The lines aren’t even getting fainter, they’re all about the same darkness, and definitely positives. I hear a 10,000 dose will take about 10 days to leave your system, up to 14! If I’m to test on day 14 then wtf? I’m past the half way mark, yet the lines are not fading. I’d assume the tests would follow the LH surge pattern I have where it fades up then fades down. There has been no fade. I’m miffed about that because I have to take a pregnancy test eventually and there’s no way I’m dealing with a false positive because the trigger refuses to GTFO.

I’m on progesterone suppositories, they aren’t bad.  I had a left over applicator from an unused yeast infection suppository and have been using that to insert my pills. Works awesome. I don’t know if it’s coincidence or not but I tend to feel a little sick after inserting one. Other then that I have no symptoms. The first days with the heavy uterus feeling I’ll attribute to the hcg trigger. My boobs don’t hurt, I’m not bloated, nothing! That’s probably not a good sign!

My husband and I have been fairly lovey dovey lately, dreaming of moving to Florida and getting out of our droll life here. We even browsed the baby aisle at Target for shits and giggles. “I hope you know what all these things do because I sure don’t.” I don’t expect him to either, but he will learn. He just wants a Jeep brand stroller. I remarked that I hope I’m pregnant. He said he hopes so too because he’s getting tired of living here. This really needs to happen so we can progress in our lives. It’s like we’re stuck idling at a red light that refuses to turn green. We want a baby. We want to start our family. We want to relocate. None of that is happening and it’s FRUSTRATING beyond belief.

Where are you, little Parker or Elise? We’re waiting, with open arms.

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