85% of couples conceive in the first year, I am not one of them

The story of us

As promised, a story of how my husband and I met.

I had been working at the local Chuck E Cheese, why? Because when I got the job in late 2004 I was dating a boy, G, who had friends who worked there and got us both a job. He quit within a few months and we broke up shortly after. G was a terrible boyfriend. He cheated on me constantly and then lied about it when confronted. After we broke up he would do everything in his power to home wreck every relationship I got into. G is a dick, but when you’re 16 you don’t realize these things.

So I worked at CEC for about 8 months before the store got a new store manager from a location an hour away. He recruited several of his best employees to come with him and get my store in tip top shape. Months without a real manager had turned us into shitty employees. We completely resented the new manager and his crew of cronies, including J, my would be husband. I was very open with my hatred of J, and my resentment of his power. His initials are JS, and I would frequently complete the S with “ucks”…JSucks, because it was common to write your name on your drink cup in the break room.

I wasn’t looking for love really. I had been on a few dates since G, but none of them really stuck. I would always lament my singality to my coworkers. J was a funny boy. He would tease me in the most playful manor, making me get angry and shoving my resentment back in my face. J presented a challenge. Part of me felt like J might like me. I wondered why, considering all I ever did was give him shit. I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about J. About 3 months after J started working at my store, a coworker decided to play cupid. Against my will he decided to tell J that I liked him, which at the time I was unsure of my feelings. I think this coworker knew J liked me and would take the bait. I was mortified.

J began to take a heightened interest in me from this point on. I enjoyed his attention, and he let me into his world. I actually began to like him the more I got to know him. I agreed on a few dates, and a month or so later we decided to make it official, on September 26, 2005. Things accelerated from there as I grew more attached to him. I knew I wanted to marry him and wasn’t shy about letting him know. Sometime in November of 2006 he gave me my ring. We moved to Florida in July of 2007 and got married on our 2 year anniversary in front of the courts in 07. We had a low key wedding on the beach in March of 2008.

Now the next big chapter is starting our family, and I’m so freaking determined to make that happen. I want to make my husband a father and have his babies. It’s so visceral.

We plan on going to Chuck E Cheese for lunch tomorrow. We would go tonight but it’s Weds and he normally works his 8-7 shift, then comes home for 2 hours and goes back out to work overnight. He works so hard to make sure he can provide for me, knowing that once I have a child I likely won’t be going back to work. Although it would be nice to have an evening with him, I have a whole day tomorrow to enjoy.

I love my husband, that is all!

Comments on: "The story of us" (2)

  1. Hello from ICLW! What a cute story about you and your husband. I wish you lots of luck as you continue your journey to baby.

  2. Aw. I love early relationship stories. Have a blast at Chuck E. Cheese!

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