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7 months, we’re officially half way through!

I can’t believe P will be 7 months tomorrow. 7 MONTHS. What the heck? I don’t think time is supposed to pass this fast.

We have started on solids, and P loves it. The problem is I really don’t know how much he should be eating. He keeps opening his mouth like a baby bird and I just keep putting some in there. He’d polish off a whole 4oz second foods jar in one meal if I let him. I usually feed him some solids around lunch time, and again for dinner. He might eat 1-1.5 jars a day. I have abandoned any sort of nursing schedule we might have had because my boobs simply do not work that way anymore. I nurse whenever I can to get precious milk into this kid’s belly. Each passing cycle seems to dip my supply lower and lower, and absolutely nothing is helping. I hope I can pilot this crashing ship safely to the ground by compensating with solids. As he gets bigger the tables will turn in favor of solids anyway, and at some point they will outweigh any milk he gets from me as a nutrition source. I think everything will work out despite my short comings. He also gets water from a straw cup, which he loves.

Developmentally he made most of his big leaps last month. He only recently began doing ma-ma-mas and ba-ba-bas, like heavily within the last week. He still does not crawl linearly but manages to traverse a room with a series of rolls and shuffles. It’s very crude, and it’s rarely precise, but he no longer stays where I put him. If I leave the room for 3 minutes he’s completely across the room getting into something. As one could imagine, this makes getting anything done a nightmare. It would be fine if he was happy exploring, but he isn’t. Lately especially he has been super grumpy for no reason. He will be all napped, clean, and have a belly full of food or milk, and immediately start grumping on the floor rolling around. It drives me insane most days because I just want to be able to get some work done. It’s not even full on crying, it’s GRUMPING. It’s a mixture of whining and groaning that absolutely nothing seems to solve. Sometimes a new room or a different toy helps, but not for long. For the 12 hours that P is awake, I barely get anything else done.

We were having issues with napping, as in he would cry and scream when I tried to put him down for most naps. This ended up being solved completely when I abandoned our 3 hour schedule that consisted of trying to get him down for a nap every 2-2.5 hours, for 3 naps total. He probably wasn’t tired, and he was likely hungry too. I ended up nixing the 3rd nap of the day because it kept creeping closer and closer to bed time. Now we have more of a 2-3-4 routine where he gets 1 nap after 2 hours, another nap 3 hours after that, then bed time 4 hours after that. Bed time is the same every day for us though, 7pm. It’s really more of a 2.5-3-5 some days. It’s not perfect, but it seems to work better than what we were doing before. Night sleep is still fairly good, but he has been waking early and crying some mornings around 5 or 6am. Truthfully, I just ignore him to see if he will go back to sleep, and most of the time he does. His night sleep also seems more restless. That or he is more vocal between sleep cycles these days.

Still no teeth, but with Mr. Grumpy being restless at night, biting everything like a mad man, and those gums getting increasingly bumpy, I believe by next blog we will have something poking through.

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