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To be 16

We’re at 16 months the second time around. H was 30.81 inches and 24lbs 7oz at his 15 month appointment. Pretty big dude if I do say so. Since last update he walks all the time, can put the blocks correctly in his train, and loves his ball popper. He is starting to identify things and attempt saying them. He does not have any clear words yet. I believe he is starting to make progress towards hi, cat, and dada. He says dada clearly I guess.  He LOVES when his dad comes home from work. As soon as he hears the lock click he’s over by the door doing his jiggle dance wanting to be picked up. He is starting to wave, and will clap and high five. He doesn’t really do anything when asked though. If I ask for a clap he might actually respond with a clap 10% of the time. We are working on identifying “pee pee” for going pee, so that when he can respond to that as a command we can move on to introducing a potty chair. I think he’s starting to understand that as well. He is also pointing now which is cool. He seems to listen when he’s doing something wrong though. If he’s crawling on top of my computer and I tell him no he will usually back off it.

The mimicry is exploding this month so I’m hoping by 18 months he will have a leap forward in abilities. If I leave my keys on the ground he grabs the biggest one and tries to smash it into the door knob. He has put toys back on several occasions. When I leave my computer open to go to the bathroom I’ve come back to him with his hand on my mouse acting like he knows how to use it. I’ve even seen him throw something away. I was blowing something for him and he is now trying to blow as well….but he does it by pouting his lower lip and blowing up at his hair. It’s really amazing how much he’s learning. His favorite past time is sitting on my lap, sucking his thumb, and stroking a lock of my hair. If I’m sitting on the floor he’ll come over and plop right down on my lap to indulge himself. Luckily he rarely does it for long before he’s off to something else. I don’t think it’ll become a habit.

He has 6 teeth and currently I do not see more poking through. He eats pretty well but he doesn’t like pasta! Not even mac and cheese! He just spits it out or throws it on the ground. What kind of child doesn’t like pasta? Spaghetti type noodles seem to be fine though. H is definitely more picky then P, and I hate it. Please let him grow out of it.

Relationship wise I’m still pretty happy. Husbands patience has grown and he feels like a PARTNER in every sense of the word. Like maybe I’m not doing it all on my own, he tries to help when he can. It’s odd though because instead of enjoying it I find myself paranoid thinking this happy period is just a chapter in our book of life. Like I don’t deserve happiness or something. I hope this is the new us, new and improved. It has been at least a year or so that things have felt different for the better. We communicate more effectively and have more empathy towards the issues we face separately. We’re more intimate and playful. We do little things to help out each other. Just today my husband planned a child free outing so I could “have a day off”. Yes, I had to ask my mom to watch the kids and coordinate that part, but the fact that he could recognize I needed a break and made a suggestion 2 weeks ago to plan for it is huge. I do not want to go back to the way things were. I’m happy now. I’ll always remember us this way.

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