85% of couples conceive in the first year, I am not one of them


I’m a 25 year old petite, healthy,  happily married white bread woman with a house in the suburbs, a job in marketing, and mad issues involving procreation.

85% of couples will conceive within the first 12 months of trying.
I am the 15%.

May 23+24 2012: B2B IUI #1, 2 follicles – BFN

June 20+21 2012: B2B IUI #2, 3 follicles – BFN

July 2012: B2B IUI #3, 3 follicles – BFN

August 2012: Starting IVF #1 process – IVF track tentatively set to being with CD1 August 29

November 2012: IVF#1 finally a go after a cyst was discovered and pushed things off track

November 28/30 BFP Confirmed – beta #1 89, beta #2 186 (48 hours later).

December 13 2012: Singleton confirmed, heartbeat visible

Baby boy “P” born 7/22/13 2 weeks early

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  1. Going through IVF for the first time. Just started injections tonight. Your sense of humor and honesty are appreciated! Really enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for bravely sharing!! Congrats on your little one!

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