85% of couples conceive in the first year, I am not one of them

11 Months!

Tomorrow the biggest little man ever turns 11 months. We’re in the home stretch here! I haven’t even planned his party yet, it still seems so far away and yet it’s not. Oh well, on to the updates!

Those pesky teeth are practically all the way in. I thought it would be weird seeing my baby with teeth but it actually seems normal, as if they were there all along. No sign of any companion teeth though, so it looks like we’ll be heading into a year with 2 lone teeth. Better than none I suppose.

He’s still cruising quickly and crawling, but no independent steps. He will hover briefly without holding on to anything, but he drops down to his butt and doesn’t step. He also dives for things while cruising, which looks a little like proto walking. He’s getting there. I still don’t think there will be any steps before his birthday, but knowing him he might have a trick up his sleeve.

Ever since we came back from our Florida vacation I have ditched jars and purees almost entirely. P man now eats table food exclusively. I usually feed him a healthier variation on what I eat, and I try to make him a chicken breast that I cut into 2 meals. Everything gets ripped into small pieces since I don’t trust him to have a big piece that he bites smaller pieces off of. The only thing he eats that way is the Ella’s kitchen baby cookies. For some reason he’s not too bad with those and can handle large chunks. No real sign of pickiness yet, he’s a garbage disposal and eats everything I set in front of him. The kid never sends me full signals. He also drinks water from a sippy and recently began to tip it properly. He drinks from it like a champ! Unfortunately he lets some dribble out of his mouth so if I set a sippy of water out for him I have to put a bib on him until it’s gone or else his shirt gets soaked.

Our days are relaxing somewhat compared to the beginning of P’s life. He wakes up around 7:30, I breastfeed him, then he crawls around the bedroom playing with his bin of toys, nurse and breakfast at 9:30, usually yogurt, a banana, or a toddler cereal bar. Then he has a nap at 10:30, which can last 1-2 hours, which is fantastic. He gets up, nurse and lunch. Lunch can be just about anything but I’ve been doing mini cheese quesadillas, hummus, avocados, tuna, left overs, and hard boiled eggs a lot. Then we tend to go out somewhere just to get out of the house. Home around 3 or 4. Sometimes he will take a second nap on my boob for 30 or so minutes around 4, but the longer the first nap is the less likely he is to want it. Doesn’t seem to bother him staying up 8 hours until bed time. Then he gets dinner around 5:30/6, usually chicken, veggie, and side, bath a little after 7, nurse, then bed at 8, and he goes down pretty quickly. Rinse repeat every day. It works nicely for us and I’m so relieved to have a schedule that works.

P still doesn’t have any real words, but his babbling conveys emotion. It’s like he’s speaking gibberish mixed with yelling, facial expressions, and raspberries. He’s extremely silly and is full of laughs and smiles for just about everyone and everything. He recently started clapping but does not clap in response to anything specific, and does not clap to mimic my clapping. He can be yelling and fighting a diaper change and randomly start clapping. It’s meaningless at this point, but at least he has started the action. No real waves either. It’s hard to tell with that because he waggles his arms and hands around so much that it’s hard to say if he’s mimicking a wave or just playing around.

My only concerns at this point are making sure he gets nutritious meals that aren’t riddled with lots of salt and additives, taking care of his new teeth, and figuring out the introduction of whole milk, though I have another  month to worry about that.

Things with my husband are the same as they have always been, frustrating. And as usual, it almost all centers around the house. We’re at a really big crossroads right now in terms of what we want to do with our lives. We’re deciding whether we want to move to Florida or stay here. He has applied to jobs in Florida and has had phone interviews with the 2 main ones that he wants to work for. One will have a decision for him in less than a week. If they take him, we’re ditching everything and moving. If the other company takes him and offers a proper amount of money, we ditch everything and move. If neither one take him we’re staying in this god awful house until he can get it sellable….aka for-fucking-ever at the pace my husband completes thing. Ladies….is there even such a thing as a man that works quickly on things? Or keeps to a schedule/deadlines? No? I thought so. He rattled off a laundry list of things he wants to do, and all I see is cash being thrown in a black hole and probably another 2 years living here. I know that he just wants to push this house to the top of the neighborhood sales potential, but I know how crappy the housing market is. Selling a home, even one with a ton of renovations, isn’t easy. He refuses to add in the costs of his time and every little nickle and dime put into the home because he sees them as sunk costs. If you add the price of the house plus every last cent spent on renovation, I doubt we will actually profit after it sells. He will call it a success, but I know better. It’s a lot of work just to walk away with 10 grand in your pocket after all is said and done. If he is willing to throw it all away and sell it as the work in progress it is to move to Florida then why can’t he do the same right now to get me somewhere nicer? I don’t get it. I don’t think he understand that he isn’t mentally fit to work on a project the size of a house because he’s too damn scatterbrained and works on too many things at once. Renovating a home and holding a full time job + overrtime is work enough but nope, he also got completely derailed selling video games on ebay, building an arcade cabinet for a game he played twice, getting his masters degree, getting his CCNA and CCNT certifications, and building this stupid home TV network that he only recently scrapped because it never worked properly. And he thinks I’m stupid for pointing all of this out! I’m the bad guy for being completely mental and frustrated by all of this! Then he has the nerve to complain about how busy he is. He isn’t happy until he’s spread transparently thin, then cries about it. What the fuck is that about?

If the house wasn’t enough of a wedge I’m also completely tiring of the way he acts. I hate to say it but I use the term “autistic” as an insult to him for the way he acts, as in “stop acting so fucking autistic, Rain Man”. He gets in these crab ass moods where he pouts and gets moody over the smallest things and then gives 1 word answers like a damn toddler when I try to ask him to talk out what’s bugging him. When he wants to interact with me he interrupts what I’m doing and stands 2 inches from my face and stares at me. I can be playing a Mario Kart online match and he just STARES until I acknowledge him. I can’t stay calm and rational when I am being stared at and in the middle of something so I yell at him to go away, then he pouts about how I don’t want him. I want you stupid I JUST WANT YOU TO ACT LIKE AN ADULT WHO ISN’T MENTALLY HANDICAPPED. I’m touched out 110% of the time because I’m Parks’ soul caretaker, and I keep telling him that I do NOT welcome his touch. Being grabbed, smacked, patted, rubbed, all of it just bugs the shit out of me. It’s not him, he’s ME. If anyone touched me I’d feel the same way and yet he STILL DOES IT ALL THE DAMN TIME. He gives me the whiny “but I’m a man and I’m attracted to you, some men are not attracted to their wives, you should feel happy” spiel. Like I get it, men are visual creatures and get handsy and horny, but I’m an ice queen and want nothing to do with all of that since P man came along. My batteries are drained and I do not get recharged, and he just comes along and tries to empty me even more. Then doesn’t understand why I’m always on edge and crabby. “Oh I like getting you all riled up!” “I like it when you’re mad!” WHAT THE HELL! WHO SAYS THAT?! I know relationships are a 2 way street and it sounds like I’m not really giving anything and you’d be right. I really don’t. I give every last piece of me to my child because he requires all of it. There’s nothing left for my husband. It wouldn’t be that way if I had help or if I had a career and got to spread myself around but right now I have a tiny emotional parasite that is sapping my ability to be romantic and forgiving to my manchild husband. Do I love him? Yes. He’s my best friend and probably the only person who would ever put up with my flavor of BS. But he also knows the same goes for him, that I am the only one that would have him with all of his antics and flaws. We’re a good match because we’re both off sync with the rest of the world. 2 rare flowers growing in the same patch of dirt. I don’t think I could ever leave him despite all that he has put me through, all that I’ve written about and the things I keep between us. Maybe I’m stupid, but I’m smart enough to know most people could write similar passages about their relationships, especially those reaching the 10 year mark. Nearly every woman I talk to with kids has lamented the lack of help the fathers give. One woman works and her man stays home, but she’s the only one. It sounds like men just need to grow up and get with the program in general.


10 months!

Mr. P turned 10 months yesterday. His first birthday is right around the corner and my brain can’t even process that he’s not a tiny helpless baby anymore!

After reading the last post it seems that not much has changed. He still eats the same way, and I aim to have him on mostly table food by 12 months. I just love the convenience of jars, I’m such a lazy mom. I think I just struggle with what else to feed him for lunch and such. I’m such an “unhealthy” eater and I mostly graze. I may have a hotdog and some hummus with chips for lunch. Besides the hummus I can’t really share that with him. I still give him chicken breasts and veggies for dinner. I did start offering a mid morning snack of yogurt or a banana or whatever I’m having a bit of for breakfast. I’ve made a move closer to giving him everything on my plate, even if it’s not “healthy”. If I’m having fish and mac and cheese, he gets some mac and cheese too. He eats whatever is put in front of him so well that we’re not at a point where I have to worry about him rejecting everything except the childhood trifecta. Mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, and hot dogs. His nutrition is my utmost concern since he’s such a pipsqueak, I’m a little paranoid about it.

My milk supply just keeps on going down despite the fact that I’m always nursing him. I think once your cycle restarts/your kid gets solids it’s a kiss of death, especially for small breasted moms. I still pump nightly and refeed the milk the next day, but I look forward to the day I’m completely done with it. I’ll still probably nurse past 12 months, but I will quit pumping and not worry about preserving it. We will nurse for a bond, not for sustenance at that point.

He cruises very well now, and even pushes his push walkers expertly. Unfortunately I don’t think this will translate into walking anytime soon. In fact I’m skeptical he will walk before his first birthday. He seems to have such an aversion to standing alone or taking steps. He will almost never stand unassisted. If I hold him and place him in a stand, he will hover momentarily before plopping down, so he CAN do it, but he actively refuses. Most of the time when I try to place him in a stand he will go rag dolly and refuse to put weight on his legs, pushing them out to sit instead. My arms get tired of hovering him and I just quit trying. I feel like he has no incentive to walk when crawling works so well for him. He crawls, he stands, then he cruises to what he wants, then plops into a sit and repeats the process. It doesn’t help that my friend’s child who is 10 days older than P has already taken his first steps. Fuck mommy wars.

Without further ado….WE HAVE FUCKING TEETH….starting. You can finally see and feel the little white teeth poking through his gums. By next post the teeth will definitely be fully in. Naturally, P is completely miserable. He wakes in the night and wails, and has fits throughout the day where he desperately tries to rub his gums with his hand or fingers. It’s sad, because he won’t take any help! He largely ignores any cold teething rings or washcloths. All I can do is dose him with Tylenol and wait it out.

My husband and I are going on vacation for around 10 days with P. Another visit to our “second home” in Florida. His aunt is a saint and loves hosting us, but I think she likes visiting with P more 😉 Who could blame her, my son is a heart stealer.

75% Completion

Tomorrow we round the last corner into the home stretch. 9 mother….fucking….months. It seems like just yesterday I was crying about hemorrhoids the size of an unshelled peanut and huddling in a mass in the corner, afraid of my 7lb shrieking child.

The past month has been fairly blissful, possibly the best month yet. The nonsense crying was kept to a minimum but still existed. It seemed as soon as 8 months rolled around Parks mastered crawling, and with it came the freedom he has been craving since the beginning. Now that he crawls like a champ he doesn’t have time for crying!

As if mastering crawling wasn’t enough, he is also a pro at pulling to stand and transitioning from a crawl to a sit, back again, and from a crawl or sit to pull up to stand. His mobility exploded off the charts this past month. Cruising is next on the agenda for him. He does cruise, but it’s not very fast, and he certainly hasn’t mastered it yet. Since he went from nothing to clunky crawling to crawling pro in such a short time, I expect him to be proficiently cruising by next post. I also wonder if he will stand unassisted by then. Right now he has it down to 1 hand, or no hands while leaning his belly against something. I don’t expect any unassisted steps by next post despite the fact that my mother says my brother walked at 10 months. I just don’t see it happening. He can very clumsily walk with his walker, right now it tends to get away from him and he plays catch up.

STILL NO GOD DAMN TEETH. I’m so seriously angry at the lack of teeth in this kid’s mouth. It’s not even like there’s one starting to poke through, there’s no sign of teeth! He bites, raspberries constantly, still nonsense cries, tugs his ears and holds his head. Those damn teeth are in there and bothering him. JUST COME OUT ALREADY!. My grandmother thinks this means that he will get a bunch of teeth at once. I hope that isn’t the case. How sucky would that be?

Currently Parks eats both jars and table food depending on what is available. He gets boob in the morning, then a 4oz jar of fruit mixed with baby cereal for brunch after his first (and sometimes only) nap, boobs throughout the day every 2-3 hours as a snack usually with a bunch of puffs or a baby cookie, dinner around 5 consisting of another 4-6oz of food. He eats whatever I put in front of him. He’s had just about everything. I make a chicken breast for him and cut it into 2-3 days worth of shredded chicken, along with veggies and such. I just cut everything into bite sized pieces. This kid is SO food motivated. It doesn’t matter that I feed him his dinner before I eat and he’s nice and full, he still whines and tries to grab food off my plate when I eat. If he can’t get to my plate he hovers near me and gives me hungry eyes. I joke that I now have 3 animals begging for food when I eat. I’m thinking I’ll try to add a breakfast meal before his first nap, but some days he still spits up milk during that time, and I’m afraid of overfeeding him.

Current issues include his second nap and still spitting up. I dread feeding him anything orange. It never fails that he spits some of it back up and it stains my carpet and his clothes. At 9 months you’d think the spitting up would be long gone but oh no, when has Parks ever done anything by the book? Speaking of which, this kid has never been a by the book napper. He takes his first nap between 10 and 11:30 depending on when he wakes up. Sometimes he absolutely refuses a second nap and won’t sleep again until bed time at 8. You think he’d be a total crab ass by then but he usually isn’t overly crabby. Getting him to take a second crib nap depends on a lot of things, so lately I’ve been settling for him getting a few winks in while nursing. He will usually not take this second nap until 4 or 5pm. Still ends up sleeping well at 8 with minimal fussing so who knows.

Right now he is so go go go that I’m astounded he doesn’t sleep more. Mommy needs a break most of the time, and she doesn’t get it. Daddy still doesn’t bother watching the child, he’s too busy filling his plate with school and work and all sorts of other crap, making excuses as to why he shouldn’t give me a break. I feel like a single mom and it’s really affecting my desire to have more children. I refuse to have more until my husband is done with school and can dedicate time to being a family man instead of prioritizing all this other BS. It’s stressful to say the least. Most of the time I decide I’m happier by myself since all the attention he gives me is attention I don’t want. He acts so stupid, it bugs me. I realize this is a hard period, so I’m willing to work through it.

Still struggling with Diastasis Recti 9 months post postpartum. I hate the way I look at feel. I only have 4lbs of baby weight left to lose and yet my stomach is such a misshapen saggy mess. It’s depressing. I have like 0 muscle tone so everything is floppy and gross. When I wear properly fitting pants I get a big old roll of skin that hangs over when I bend. If I go the next size up the pants are falling off my ass! Even wearing shapewear doesn’t help, it just condenses my roll into a big blob. I hate this. I’m a slim ass woman, I don’t need a belly roll. It’s starting to take a toll on my back as well. With no muscle support in my abdomen my back has been picking up the slack. Since Parks is constantly on the move and the list of chores never done, I rarely get a chance to lay down and relax. Fingers crossed I get a spa day for Mother’s day. I deserve that shit.

Parks turns 8 months tomorrow, and the fact that his first birthday is 4 months away astounds me. I swear I just gave birth to him yesterday! He feels more physically mature since last post. He sits all by himself perfectly with no wobble, and even started crawling. He went from his normal shuffling and rolling to popping up on his knees and rocking, to clumsy forward crawling in a span of 2 weeks or so. He still chooses to roll to his destination a lot, but he will force himself to crawl forward as well. As if crawling wasn’t enough for one month, he also began to pull to stand. Again, super clumsy at it, but if put in a sitting position near something grabable, he will try to pull himself up on it, and usually succeed. He will also crawl over to my lap, put his hands on it and raise his butt up into a dog position. If I offer both of my hands to him he will reach for them with both hands as well, grab on, and try to stand up with my help. He’s all about standing up on those wobbly legs these days. His only problem is going from crawl to sit. Once he can master that he has unlocked all the skills necessary to autonomously get himself in any position, including a stand. He will be UNSTOPPABLE.

With crawling comes even more demands on my attention. Parks LOVES cords. Like fuck toys and games, if I left the kid with a pile of dangerous cords he would be in cloud 9. Speaking of which, WTF is up with babies and their innate draw to inanimate objects? I took Parks to a playdate with a friend and he played with a remote while the other baby played with a water bottle. They’re like cats, whatever toys you buy them are no match for a piece of garbage you forgot to pick up. He requires constant supervision, so naturally I look forward to his bed time so I can stare at the ceiling or whatever little pleasure requires no other attention. His naps vary wildly,  up to 4 hours awake and 30-90 minutes asleep. There’s really no predictability with this baby.

I still nurse, still the same old issues with supply, but things have been fairly constant. I think I can pinpoint the issue to the week of my cycle. My supply is down 7-9 days before coming back to normal. Everything I read online says “a few days” of low supply. BULL-FUCKING-SHIT. I’d kill to have only 3 days of down supply. I’m sure it depends on my nutritional state or whatever but I take my vitamins and nurse often and nothing pulls it back up until my body’s hormones get back in sync. It sucks but what can you do. I realize now why most women quit nursing. It’s bull shit! The older they get the more ADHD they get, to the point that nursing becomes an exercise in futility against a baby who’s practicing to run away to the circus. Parks nurses so distracted even if there’s nothing to distract him. He distracts himself with his need to roll at this particular moment. He also seems to nurse exclusively on the tip now and I can hear air escaping frequently. It’s like he’s trying to use my nipple as a straw. It’s annoying an uncomfortable and he refuses to eat properly these days. I just keep trying and make sure he gets his milk.

Food has been good, we’ve even started on table food. I bought him some Happy Puffs and let him feed himself. Once he demonstrated that he could eat them and not choke and die, I started giving him other small pieces of food. He now begs for food like one of the dogs. If I eat anything near him he gives me a hungry face and tries to get something off my plate. I still don’t know when I’ll make the leap off of spoon feeding. It’s comforting to know a number of ounces of solids he gets in a jar vs in the scraps of food I would be feeding him otherwise. Plus I don’t always have healthy, baby friendly options available to feed him like I do from a jar. Jars are just so convenient. He’s still developing pincer grip, he grabs items with his thumb and the side of his fingers, but not accurately. He’s definitely trying to get there and I’m sure he will in another month.

He’s still my crab assy baby, which is draining to say the least. No one understands because if he’s around other people he’s fine! When he’s stuck with me alone all day he gets so fussy and bored. I hate it because I refuse to be a human 3 ring circus for him for 12 hours a day. Being bored isn’t going to kill him. Sounds harsh but I really tend to ignore his bored cries. If he’s fed, napped, and clean, he can whine as far as I’m concerned. His consonant babbling is getting better, but he still chooses to voice a single sound with different inflections to convey his feelings. That sound is “ah”. From a long drawn out ahhhhhh to a short and quick AH he tries to get by with just that one sound. It bothers me because I’d rather him try to use different sounds rather than one sound different ways.

In other non baby related but totally blog related news, I lost my job. Yep, that job, the one I’ve been ranting and raving about since the beginning. Along with infertility, my job presented another source of misery and frustration in my life, and now it too is gone. How do I feel? Conflicted, naturally. Since I am not sure how my employer is going to react to my unemployment filing (better not fight it) I’m going to pull a Forest Gump for the time being. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Rounding the home stretch into 9 months/the last 25%, I’m optimistic. The weather will finally stop being so cold and depressing, Parks is on a fairly good routine, and he’s going to continue getting more mature. We’re planning on moving in the next year, probably back to Florida, so I have a definite out from this awful house coming. Things are finally starting to look up…


I can’t believe P will be 7 months tomorrow. 7 MONTHS. What the heck? I don’t think time is supposed to pass this fast.

We have started on solids, and P loves it. The problem is I really don’t know how much he should be eating. He keeps opening his mouth like a baby bird and I just keep putting some in there. He’d polish off a whole 4oz second foods jar in one meal if I let him. I usually feed him some solids around lunch time, and again for dinner. He might eat 1-1.5 jars a day. I have abandoned any sort of nursing schedule we might have had because my boobs simply do not work that way anymore. I nurse whenever I can to get precious milk into this kid’s belly. Each passing cycle seems to dip my supply lower and lower, and absolutely nothing is helping. I hope I can pilot this crashing ship safely to the ground by compensating with solids. As he gets bigger the tables will turn in favor of solids anyway, and at some point they will outweigh any milk he gets from me as a nutrition source. I think everything will work out despite my short comings. He also gets water from a straw cup, which he loves.

Developmentally he made most of his big leaps last month. He only recently began doing ma-ma-mas and ba-ba-bas, like heavily within the last week. He still does not crawl linearly but manages to traverse a room with a series of rolls and shuffles. It’s very crude, and it’s rarely precise, but he no longer stays where I put him. If I leave the room for 3 minutes he’s completely across the room getting into something. As one could imagine, this makes getting anything done a nightmare. It would be fine if he was happy exploring, but he isn’t. Lately especially he has been super grumpy for no reason. He will be all napped, clean, and have a belly full of food or milk, and immediately start grumping on the floor rolling around. It drives me insane most days because I just want to be able to get some work done. It’s not even full on crying, it’s GRUMPING. It’s a mixture of whining and groaning that absolutely nothing seems to solve. Sometimes a new room or a different toy helps, but not for long. For the 12 hours that P is awake, I barely get anything else done.

We were having issues with napping, as in he would cry and scream when I tried to put him down for most naps. This ended up being solved completely when I abandoned our 3 hour schedule that consisted of trying to get him down for a nap every 2-2.5 hours, for 3 naps total. He probably wasn’t tired, and he was likely hungry too. I ended up nixing the 3rd nap of the day because it kept creeping closer and closer to bed time. Now we have more of a 2-3-4 routine where he gets 1 nap after 2 hours, another nap 3 hours after that, then bed time 4 hours after that. Bed time is the same every day for us though, 7pm. It’s really more of a 2.5-3-5 some days. It’s not perfect, but it seems to work better than what we were doing before. Night sleep is still fairly good, but he has been waking early and crying some mornings around 5 or 6am. Truthfully, I just ignore him to see if he will go back to sleep, and most of the time he does. His night sleep also seems more restless. That or he is more vocal between sleep cycles these days.

Still no teeth, but with Mr. Grumpy being restless at night, biting everything like a mad man, and those gums getting increasingly bumpy, I believe by next blog we will have something poking through.

6 Months Already?

Little P turns 6 months in 4 days. Between 4 to 5 months there was very little in the way of development. Between 5 and 6 however, he exploded with new skills. On December 28th he rolled from back to front for the first time ever, AND I WAS OUT OF THE ROOM. I went to take the dogs out and left my husband with him. I didn’t believe him at first but sure enough, he repeated the action with me watching, and I was stunned.

While he took at least a month to master rolling tummy to back, he mastered back to tummy in about a week. Look out everyone, Parks is mobile! Unfortunately with rolling comes a lot of frustration. P is not a happy child when he is learning a new skill, and constantly wants to practice, which means a ton of frustrated crying. After learning to roll he spent about a week rolling to his tummy and then crying in agony because it appears he is trying to crawl, and can not move from his spot. His brain knows what it wants but he can’t make his body do it. I can understand his frustration, it must be awful having your brain and body development being out of sync. He still can’t really crawl (it’s too early anyway), but he now rolls to his tummy and largely deals with his lack of mobility without the screaming. He also chooses to sleep on his tummy in the crib now, which frightens me, but ultimately he knows what’s comfortable for him. I can’t keep him on his back if I tried.

He’s still not a terribly easy baby but it’s getting better. When he isn’t grumping he smiles at everything. He loves when I talk to him and makes a big cheesy grin. Laughter comes a bit easier now. He’s still a lot like me and doesn’t laugh out loud a whole lot but occasionally he giggles at something I’m doing, or laughs when I tickle him or razz his belly. He can and does sit quietly with a pile of toys and shove them into his mouth as quickly as he can get his little paws around them. He is reaching quite well, if I hold an item out for him he will attempt to grab it with his hands. Speaking of sit quietly, he sits, unassisted! Another random happening that I was not expecting. He mastered sitting unassisted for chunks of time in about a week as well. I usually let him sit alone on the bed because when he topples it won’t hurt him.

My night time pump session keeps taking longer and yielding less milk. I don’t know what the problem is but I’m trying not to stress about it. P man seems healthy enough that I don’t feel it’s a supply issue, but some sort of normal gradual fade out. He’s still hovering in the 10th percentile for weight, but the fact that he gains a pound a month means he’s not really in any danger. He’s just a small kid. His length and head circumference are in higher percentiles as well. I still can’t shake the feeling that he’s small because I simply can’t make any more milk than I do, but if he had a mother with larger breasts he would gladly drink more and be bigger and grow more. I know it makes more sense and it’s stupid to think about, but it’s just one of those guilty mother things I guess. Always wondering about the ways you’re potentially screwing up or damaging your offspring.

We also started solids a tad early. I give him pureed veggies and baby oatmeal every so often. As soon as his real half birthday rolls around I intend to try and get 1 solid meal in him a day. I still have no idea how to handle solids. I originally wanted to do baby lead weaning but I’m too paranoid about the choking risks to start off with that. I hope to get him on chunkier foods as soon as he sprouts a tooth. I’m not sure how to manage my milk supply with his solids since I always feel like I’m teetering on the edge of catastrophic failure. Solids will make him less hungry for milk and in turn I will make less. Small boob problems I tell ya! My boob-gifted friends practically brag about their milk goddess status. It’s like a fun size candy bar next to a king size or one of those other awful sizes you’re really supposed to share between several people. I can only hold so much goodness.

He still shows no sign of teeth. The same gum bumps I noticed around 6 weeks are still there and have not changed in size. He is still a drooling and biting machine however. These teeth can not come fast enough. I do not expect them for another 2 months or so, my money is on the end of month 7.

Still not a whole lot of consonant sounds either. He does do a mamamama sound when he’s doing his drunk baby shanties, but it seems more of a side effect of him closing his mouth while doing it. I believe I occasionally hear a G sound, and he seems to be making efforts towards a B sound lately as well.

I’m not sure I have many goals for the next month. He rocketed forward so fast this past month that I don’t think he has anything else to show me for the time being. Maybe learning his name? He still needs to work on that, and I need to work on calling him by his name instead of the multitude of nicknames I use for him instead.

2013 Was Cray Cray

So I’m sitting here, it’s Christmas Eve, and P man just went to sleep. I know in the course of typing this my husband will come in and beg me to open gifts. We usually open gifts Christmas Eve night just because.

P man is now 5 months old….and not much has changed since last month. He has mastered rolling from tummy to back, so much so that I can barely keep him on his tummy for long. He vocalizes a lot now, lots of hoos, gurgles, ahh ohhhs, and it may be accidental, but I think I’m starting to hear some consonants. They’re very rare though. Usually a G or D sound. For the most part it just sounds like he’s singing some drunk baby shanty that consists of nothing but vowel sounds, with an occasional random shriek thrown in.

He sits rather well, but not unsupported. With support he sits just fine though, even holding on one handed while he balances himself out. He’s still on the small side. At his last appointment he was 14lbs and 25 inches. 10th percentile for weight, 17 for height, and 40th for head circumference. Laughter is starting to come easier, and he smiles ALL THE TIME, at least at me. It will be interesting to see how smiley he is at Christmas, if the smiles are all mine or of he takes to everyone else.

I’m excited to start solids soon. I’d like to do Baby Lead Weaning but just can’t shake the feeling that I’ll choke him. It’s something I’m going to have to read up on and understand better before I go plopping perfectly steamed, mushable veggie pieces on his high chair and letting him go at it. I think in the mean time I’m just going to put some puree on the table tray and let him experiment with it. If he wants to finger paint his hair, fine. I just want to see him get used to the idea of something other than breast milk in his mouth. We will work from there.

P man is still a somewhat crabby baby, but seems to be getting better, at least this week. Still spits up far more than the average baby, which is disgusting, but his doctor didn’t seem phased. I think he’s just really gassy for whatever reason, and I don’t make enough milk to ever really satisfy him. At least he still sleeps good. Thank GOD for that! There was a single time he woke up crying at 5:30AM, but other than that it’s the same 7-7 every night. Lately he’s been pushing the bedtime out towards 7:30, but that’s because he’s staying up later between naps and pushing his last nap later. Our schedule has become less loose and more routine. Not because of any pushing on my part though. People aren’t kidding when they say that kids crave structure and routine.

Motherhood is still crazy as fuck, but it’s growing on me. Merry Christmas all. May your wombs be full of life in 2014. And Join me over at Infertility Babies on reddit. I created the best subreddit and the best community anyone could ask for.

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