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A fake BFP? That’s what I’m thinking anyway. Against my better judgement I decided to test at my routine 10dpo, 11dpt in this case. I did not use an OPK yesterday, but the day before showed a line the same darkness as the control line, not way darker. It was an indication that the trigger hcg was finally leaving my system. Leaving. As in probably not completely gone. That is why the very faint BFP I got today did not even make my heart skip a beat. I’m going to assume it’s still picking up the hcg in my system from the shot. I suppose I should hold off testing again until 14dpo and see what comes up. If the line is still there maybe I get a tiny bit more excited. If it’s gone….well, I’ll stop taking progesterone and let nature take over.

How sad, my first real positive pregnancy test and I’m not even EXCITED!  Stupid trigger! Taking my positive = really positive away from me.

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