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6 Months Already?

Little P turns 6 months in 4 days. Between 4 to 5 months there was very little in the way of development. Between 5 and 6 however, he exploded with new skills. On December 28th he rolled from back to front for the first time ever, AND I WAS OUT OF THE ROOM. I went to take the dogs out and left my husband with him. I didn’t believe him at first but sure enough, he repeated the action with me watching, and I was stunned.

While he took at least a month to master rolling tummy to back, he mastered back to tummy in about a week. Look out everyone, Parks is mobile! Unfortunately with rolling comes a lot of frustration. P is not a happy child when he is learning a new skill, and constantly wants to practice, which means a ton of frustrated crying. After learning to roll he spent about a week rolling to his tummy and then crying in agony because it appears he is trying to crawl, and can not move from his spot. His brain knows what it wants but he can’t make his body do it. I can understand his frustration, it must be awful having your brain and body development being out of sync. He still can’t really crawl (it’s too early anyway), but he now rolls to his tummy and largely deals with his lack of mobility without the screaming. He also chooses to sleep on his tummy in the crib now, which frightens me, but ultimately he knows what’s comfortable for him. I can’t keep him on his back if I tried.

He’s still not a terribly easy baby but it’s getting better. When he isn’t grumping he smiles at everything. He loves when I talk to him and makes a big cheesy grin. Laughter comes a bit easier now. He’s still a lot like me and doesn’t laugh out loud a whole lot but occasionally he giggles at something I’m doing, or laughs when I tickle him or razz his belly. He can and does sit quietly with a pile of toys and shove them into his mouth as quickly as he can get his little paws around them. He is reaching quite well, if I hold an item out for him he will attempt to grab it with his hands. Speaking of sit quietly, he sits, unassisted! Another random happening that I was not expecting. He mastered sitting unassisted for chunks of time in about a week as well. I usually let him sit alone on the bed because when he topples it won’t hurt him.

My night time pump session keeps taking longer and yielding less milk. I don’t know what the problem is but I’m trying not to stress about it. P man seems healthy enough that I don’t feel it’s a supply issue, but some sort of normal gradual fade out. He’s still hovering in the 10th percentile for weight, but the fact that he gains a pound a month means he’s not really in any danger. He’s just a small kid. His length and head circumference are in higher percentiles as well. I still can’t shake the feeling that he’s small because I simply can’t make any more milk than I do, but if he had a mother with larger breasts he would gladly drink more and be bigger and grow more. I know it makes more sense and it’s stupid to think about, but it’s just one of those guilty mother things I guess. Always wondering about the ways you’re potentially screwing up or damaging your offspring.

We also started solids a tad early. I give him pureed veggies and baby oatmeal every so often. As soon as his real half birthday rolls around I intend to try and get 1 solid meal in him a day. I still have no idea how to handle solids. I originally wanted to do baby lead weaning but I’m too paranoid about the choking risks to start off with that. I hope to get him on chunkier foods as soon as he sprouts a tooth. I’m not sure how to manage my milk supply with his solids since I always feel like I’m teetering on the edge of catastrophic failure. Solids will make him less hungry for milk and in turn I will make less. Small boob problems I tell ya! My boob-gifted friends practically brag about their milk goddess status. It’s like a fun size candy bar next to a king size or one of those other awful sizes you’re really supposed to share between several people. I can only hold so much goodness.

He still shows no sign of teeth. The same gum bumps I noticed around 6 weeks are still there and have not changed in size. He is still a drooling and biting machine however. These teeth can not come fast enough. I do not expect them for another 2 months or so, my money is on the end of month 7.

Still not a whole lot of consonant sounds either. He does do a mamamama sound when he’s doing his drunk baby shanties, but it seems more of a side effect of him closing his mouth while doing it. I believe I occasionally hear a G sound, and he seems to be making efforts towards a B sound lately as well.

I’m not sure I have many goals for the next month. He rocketed forward so fast this past month that I don’t think he has anything else to show me for the time being. Maybe learning his name? He still needs to work on that, and I need to work on calling him by his name instead of the multitude of nicknames I use for him instead.

2013 Was Cray Cray

So I’m sitting here, it’s Christmas Eve, and P man just went to sleep. I know in the course of typing this my husband will come in and beg me to open gifts. We usually open gifts Christmas Eve night just because.

P man is now 5 months old….and not much has changed since last month. He has mastered rolling from tummy to back, so much so that I can barely keep him on his tummy for long. He vocalizes a lot now, lots of hoos, gurgles, ahh ohhhs, and it may be accidental, but I think I’m starting to hear some consonants. They’re very rare though. Usually a G or D sound. For the most part it just sounds like he’s singing some drunk baby shanty that consists of nothing but vowel sounds, with an occasional random shriek thrown in.

He sits rather well, but not unsupported. With support he sits just fine though, even holding on one handed while he balances himself out. He’s still on the small side. At his last appointment he was 14lbs and 25 inches. 10th percentile for weight, 17 for height, and 40th for head circumference. Laughter is starting to come easier, and he smiles ALL THE TIME, at least at me. It will be interesting to see how smiley he is at Christmas, if the smiles are all mine or of he takes to everyone else.

I’m excited to start solids soon. I’d like to do Baby Lead Weaning but just can’t shake the feeling that I’ll choke him. It’s something I’m going to have to read up on and understand better before I go plopping perfectly steamed, mushable veggie pieces on his high chair and letting him go at it. I think in the mean time I’m just going to put some puree on the table tray and let him experiment with it. If he wants to finger paint his hair, fine. I just want to see him get used to the idea of something other than breast milk in his mouth. We will work from there.

P man is still a somewhat crabby baby, but seems to be getting better, at least this week. Still spits up far more than the average baby, which is disgusting, but his doctor didn’t seem phased. I think he’s just really gassy for whatever reason, and I don’t make enough milk to ever really satisfy him. At least he still sleeps good. Thank GOD for that! There was a single time he woke up crying at 5:30AM, but other than that it’s the same 7-7 every night. Lately he’s been pushing the bedtime out towards 7:30, but that’s because he’s staying up later between naps and pushing his last nap later. Our schedule has become less loose and more routine. Not because of any pushing on my part though. People aren’t kidding when they say that kids crave structure and routine.

Motherhood is still crazy as fuck, but it’s growing on me. Merry Christmas all. May your wombs be full of life in 2014. And Join me over at Infertility Babies on reddit. I created the best subreddit and the best community anyone could ask for.

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