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Eye of the Tiger

Transfer was today. I was a little scared we would be told that no one was alive and we should just go back home. When the embryologist came out and introduced himself and seemed to be in good spirits I was a little more optimistic. He sat us down in a consult room to go over our babies. He asked how I felt and I replied that I needed to pee real bad. He said that was perfect, which also put my mind at ease that the transfer would continue. He put some pictures down on the table and began telling us all about the embryos. We got 3 good and ready to transfer! 2 were lagging behind but still alive. We got one 8 cell, one 7 cell, and one 12 cell (an overachiever). The other 2 were at 5 and 3 cells. He said the odds of the 3 making it is very slim, but there’s a chance the 5 could make it. Everyone is a grade 2 with 1 being the highest. Very low fragmentation. Wow, 3 real good embies!

He lead us back to the same recovery room used for my retrieval. I got to put on my standard hospital get up, and hubby got to wear a zip up tyvek looking  suit with shoe booties, hair net, and mask. He didn’t mind since the suit and booties are things he wears frequently at work. We went over to the transfer room, same as the retrieval room. Hubby and I joked around a while waiting for my doctor and the embryologist to come back. After an eternity they emerged and began. I got to see all 3 of my babies get sucked up on the video screen and then watched the ultrasound transfer them into my womb. My vagina on display for everyone in the room to see. And there they are. I am now “with embryos”, It’s a little surreal. I can only hope one of those embryos floats around and sticks. I proudly put my embryo pictures on the fridge.


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