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Gummy Bear

The holidays are over, finally! We got to tell the entire family and everyone seemed pleased. We even called hubby’s aunt, who put us on speaker in front of the entire family down there. Overall things went well.

I had my 8 week scan today and was pleased to see a much larger fetus than last time. It’s no longer a baby sprinkle, it’s a baby gummy bear! Little tiny stumpy arms and all! Yolk sac is still there too.

ImageI was actually able to SEE the heart beating this time which made me pretty happy. It’s exciting to have something that resembles a tiny human growing inside of me. The heart rate was 183.

I’m starting to get pretty excited. The family knows, I’ve made it past 2 growth scans, and everything seems to be going well. We even parked in the expectant mother parking at Toys R Us yesterday. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m in dire need of a nap.

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