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I couldn’t help it I swear…

Keep calm, you’ve been here before I tell myself. Here, in this post to be exact, which I suggest you skim.

Something possessed me to test. Well not something, my period cramps did. Damn it, if I’m going to not be pregnant I don’t want my bleeding uterus to be the one to bring me the news first, I want to know for myself. So I did it, I tested against my better judgement. My trigger shot was 10:30pm on Sunday the 11th. So I’m at just about 13 dpt. Legend has it that the trigger is out of a normal woman by 10dpt. Last IUI I was testing positive through 14dpt, negative 15dpt. I was sure the line had gotten slightly darker on 14dpt, but it was just a fluke…a sad sad fluke that made me gun shy of all trigger testing.

Without further stalling, this is what appeared about 20 minutes or so ago when I POAS. The top is 6dp3dt, bottom is 8dp3dt. Let’s try this again, is it darker?!

This was my last trigger saga where I thought one got darker, with the very last 2 tests being 13 and 14dpt.

Lets compare?

Not only does my 13dpt look significantly darker than both the 13 and 14dpt of the last saga, it does look like it has gotten darker since 6dp3dt. I honestly don’t know what to think. I called my husband upstairs to come look. He said the test today looks “at least twice as dark” as the Thursday test. Since a beta can double in 48 hrs (in this case test 1 was in the morning, test 2 evening so more like 58 hours) it could make sense.

I don’t know, I think this test looks awful dark to be a trigger 13 days after the fact…Could it be something else? I’m scared to test again tomorrow….

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