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To SA or not to SA

I’m 10 DPO today, and although I decided not to test last month, I DID want to test today. I know it’s going to be negative, there’s just no way it could ever be positive. Nope. Just can’t happen. Unfortunately half way into peeing this morning I realized I wasn’t testing! Turns out I’m out of tests anyway. I don’t have any out of the ordinary symptoms, like some of these women on the baby forums talk about. Boobs hurt the normal amount of hurt, my sense of smell is the same, I have the same symptoms as every other negative month. I’d like to think when it works that I’ll have some sort of “ah ha” moment where I get brown nipples or a super human sense of smell or insert other bizarre super early pregnancy symptom.

We figured if I got a negative today it would be all the more incentive to submit a sample for SA tonight. Makes sense right? The problem is I HATE testing. I can’t remember exactly which month my overwhelming, Christmas morning 10DPO excitement started to fade. Probably somewhere around the 7th negative. I want to test, but I also want to just say fuck it and submit the SA anyway because….there’s just no way I could have a positive and I need to stop thinking in those terms and just realize this is not going to happen on it’s own. My mind probably wouldn’t believe it anyway if I did see 2 lines.

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