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Brace Yourselves….

This is how I feel going on Facebook this morning. I find out that a girl I used to work with, who has been in a relationship for probably 6 months, doesn’t live with the guy at all…..OMG U GUYZ I’M EXPECTING A BABY BOY…..wat?

One of my friends that I also used to work with, in the same circle of friends as the girl above (I mentioned her near the start of my blog, the friend who was going to try for #2 in August and I wanted to beat her) is being very coy about the fact that she’s pregnant. I know it, everyone knows it, but she refuses to make it official.
COME ON cosmos. Why so many freaking babies? Why people who don’t deserve them at all? People who literally shrugged their shoulders and said yeah why not let’s try and POOF, bountiful womb. People that will never know what it’s like to stab themselves daily with expensive medication with the HOPE not guarantee of a healthy baby. I just…don’t…get it. I can’t process it.

Another one bites the dust. Another friend blocked from my feed indefinitely. Pretty soon there will be no women left. In an attempt to feel smug and better then them, at least I have a house and…gasp… A HUSBAND WITH A GOOD JOB. Doesn’t matter how you slice it, my life is a step above theirs. Only thing missing is the one thing I envy about them. Not fair.

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