85% of couples conceive in the first year, I am not one of them

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Back to back IUI’s like a champ baby! Post wash count in the 100 millions. I guess they only sort out dead/not moving sperm and don’t do anything to wash out the ones that are deformed. I thought that was standard IUI procedure to only do the best of the best, hence people usually having single digit millions post wash. Odd.

The first one yesterday was performed by male doctor #1 from my ultrasound. He was super quick and didn’t keep me waiting. Male doctor #2 did mine today, and was not as quick. I waited forever in the waiting room, then forever in the exam room. He seemed to be miffed that my doctor was on vacation in Paris. “That doesn’t seem fair to you OR me does it” he said. He had trouble getting the catheter through, which I didn’t feel at all. I guess I just have a beast of a cervix. I realized I was clinching and tried to relax, and he got it through. I told him he had my full permission to just shove it through since apparently I’m immune to that pain.

Besides an annoying full uterus feeling and cramps, everything went better than expected! They’re putting me on progesterone, for some odd reason. That means I won’t get my period until I stop taking it so I HAVE to test in 2 weeks. If negative I stop progesterone and get my period. If positive I continue it through my first trimester. Whatever, I want my uterus to be as hospitable as possible. Gosh I hope this works! I’d be over the moon if all it took was 500 dollars and one try.

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