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Back in time and good to go

This week in Florida is just what I needed to relax. It was an amazing week with the part of my family that I really love, which is hard for me to say since I’m not very lovey or open with my own family, but that’s because they are literally insane and raised me at an arms length. I’m the type of person who enjoys a little babying and pampering, and I feel like that is exactly how this week went. I couldn’t thank my husband’s aunt and grandma enough for the experience. It was overwhelmingly nice for them to pay for our trip, treat us to dinner, and even take us kayaking, while opening their home (their large….gorgeous home on a canal) to us. I tried my best to pay it back by tending to their dogs (one old timer and one 4 month old puppy), and grooming their older dog’s feet and nails. It was the least I could do to show my gratitude. I’m not very good with thank yous….but I try. I can’t wait to go back. For good. My husband said it best… “it felt like we were home for 5 days”. Coming home to hurricane weather from sunshine and warmth was not fun either. That was cruel.

I had my doctor’s appointment this morning to check on my side kick cyst. I wasn’t sure what to expect, knowing my luck my estrogen would have surged back up for no apparent reason other than to fuck everything up some more. I have to say, whatever med student she brought in was very gentle with the wand, a rare occurrence. I watched her measure what appeared to be tiny cysts on my LEFT ovary, while she muttered “not really worried about that”. Could have been follicles growing, who knows. Then we shift to the right and I hold my breath. I don’t see anything at first, then catch a glimpse of what looks to be a tiny football shaped cyst. “It’s deflating! See how it’s kind of squished?” my doctor says excitedly. Indeed. The cyst has shrunk and deflated since last visit. I notice something new. I think Doc M is PREGNANT. Either she’s pregnant or somehow is stuffing a lot of stuff in her sweater pockets. How unusual. I wonder if having a pregnant doctor will benefit me. I got my blood draw shortly after, which was the most painful one to date, no idea why. IVF nurse was commending me for being so patient, and hoping this would be it.

As soon as I sit down to start this blog I get my results. ALL CLEAR! Estrogen is low, cyst was collapsing, I’m good to start injections on Saturday! I know better than to get my hopes up, everything that can go wrong typically does. It’s a miracle anyone gets born. You’d think IVF would be a sure thing, but until you dive into it you have NO IDEA just how many things can go wrong and completely derail your perfect plans. Next check is in a week. No more pills, and 3 injections. If all keeps on schedule this time my ER will be around the 12th. That would put my 5 day transfer on my mom’s birthday. At least I think it’s her birthday, I honestly forget if it’s the 17th or the 19th. I’m a terrible daughter. I’m terrible with birthdays in general.

It’s starting to get exciting again….the rush of possible motherhood returning. Awww yiss.Image

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