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I had my CD12 follow up ultrasound today to check on my follicle growth. I waited forever in an entirely different ultrasound room waiting for my replacement doctor, since mine was not in today. After an eternity of my ass flapping in the breeze, he decided to show up. Nice enough guy, makes small talk unlike my doctor who gets right down to business. He was FAR more gentle with the ultrasound wand though, I’ll give him that.

He kept me updated on what he was looking for, and proudly told me I had 2 mature follicles on my left side, and a third smaller one. Right side was quiet. I asked how big and he said 2cm. Woop woop! Nothing like knowing clomid did it’s job. Or maybe it was my body? It’s hard to know since we’ve never monitored my ovulation off drugs. Either way, woo for 2 follies!

He said that Clomid can make your lining thin out, and mine was no exception. His recommendation was baby aspirin, no explanation given. Ok, baby aspirin, can do. I’m also getting the gift of progesterone suppositories, even though I’ve never shown a need for them. I guess with a thinner lining they want to take every precaution and make sure that if conception happens, it sticks. Whatever, progesterone in my vag for a while, can do.

Not being my doctor, he asked if we were doing insemination or intercourse. I said we were doing IUI. He asked 1 or 2. Hmmm, never thought about it. I assumed 1 was all you ever got. Ultimately I decided upon 2. If were gonna do this me might as well go hard. He left and I got dressed. The nurse asked me for my HCG meds and I produced them from my purse. She mixed up a batch and injected my ass with it. Needles so don’t bother me. I was given 2 collection cups and told to bring a sample in between 6:30 and 7:30 am tomorrow morning, and again the next morning. Back to back IUI. This should be interesting folks. I’d be over the moon if this works AND both follies produce eggs. 2 eggs, 2 inseminations, I’m liking the odds already.

Here we go!

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