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6 Weeks….?

Today makes 6 weeks….? I say …? because I haven’t seen into my uterus yet. There is hopefully something the size of an ice cream sprinkle in there, growing away, with a heart beat. Thursday can not come fast enough because I’m freaking out! What if there’s nothing alive in there? What if it stopped growing?

On top of that I’ve been bloated as hell. Like if I eat a big meal I get shooting gas pains for a half hour to an hour. Also my kitty loves to crawl all over me and seems to home in on squishing my boobies with his huge 14lb ass. Yes, 14lbs sounds like a fat cat but I just have a big, bulky, long kitty. See?


It’s hard denying his snuggles but his paws are like hot lava on my boobs. Speaking of lava, fuck Lovenox. It is legitimately like injecting hot lava into your skin. I could totally deal with it if the needles weren’t dull as hell too.


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