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Aint No Stoppin Us Now

It’s finally going to happen! ER day is tomorrow and I’m pretty excited about it. It’s been a long time coming and I’m so ready for this. If it fails, I’m going to be a mess. I know it’s bad to have all your eggs in one basket but what else can I do? I haven’t had a reason to hope in ages and I’m trying to savor what little excitement I can have left about the process.

I had a check yesterday morning and was given the go ahead to take my HCG at 10:30pm. My lead follicle was around 22mm, the next largest were 18-20. Seems a little big for trigger but I’m sure there’s plenty of small fry who will ultimately benefit. The nurse mixed my HCG for me and asked if my husband was prepared. I told her probably not and I would have to do it myself. She seemed really upset by this but drew a target on me anyway and wished me luck. I don’t know what the big deal is about injecting yourself.

Of course, I decided to coax my husband into doing it because laying down and having someone else poke your ass is way better. He was not excited, and pretty panic ridden. The size of the needle freaked him out entirely too much. I put on my signature “DGF” attitude to calm him down. Truthfully I wasn’t scared, shots is shots, and it has to get done. I could have done it myself, but it’s easier for him to do it, and I wanted him to have a part in the process.

I started icing my target for a half hour before hand just to make sure it would be nice and numb in case he fucked up. Once 10:30 rolled around my husband was being goofy and was visibly scared. I laid on my stomach and presented him access to my ass from the side of the bed. And just like that, it was over. Virtually pain free! He did such a good job with the shot, though he had a mini freak out afterward. I’m sure he can never look at my ass the same way again, but oh well. I can’t wrap my brain around how poking someone else with a needle is scary. I tried to think of what would freak me out, and the only thing that freaks me out is holes. I have trypophobia so I would probably freak out if I had to clean a series of holes on his ass or something. I just hope he recovers and feels fine around me.

I went in for one last check before the big day, just to make sure my eggies were still clinging on. Sure enough, they were all still there. Hang on another 22 hours babies! I guess I will be under “light IV sedation”. I’ve never been under any type of sedation so who knows what that will be like. I had a dream all my follicles were empty and I produce no eggs. How awful would that be…

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