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Beta day tomorrow

After my last post I decided to continue testing. The tests keep getting darker….This is a first. When I got my progesterone shot I asked if I could get my beta today but was shot down.

It’s 15dpt, 10dp3dt. There is absolutely no way the trigger is showing in my system this late, and certainly not this dark, and certainly certainly not getting darker. Although I should be bouncing off the walls with joy, I’m not. I think I’ve done too good of a job suppressing my emotions for positive things. Once I get my beta number tomorrow it will start to feel real. Once that beta number doubles it will start to feel even more real. Once I see a heart beating it will really feel real. I’m not sure it’s going to feel really really really real until my child turns 10 or something. I’m just too gun shy.

So I guess I should recount a symptom check?

6dp3dt – 9dp3dt – bad cramp city. Woke up with such bad cramps 9dp3dt that I had to take a tylenol. Cramps still here now but not as bad as they have been. Keep thinking AF is going to show but so far nothing. No spotting or anything…

Sore boobs – Probably from the progesterone but my GOD are they painful. It is nearly impossible to lay on my stomach. My cat likes to come cuddle up on my chest and when he accidentally steps on my boobie I want to cry. Starting to notice blue veins that I never noticed on them before.

3dp3dt-9dp3dt – spicy cravings. Still prefer spicy but the drive isn’t as bad as it was.

Yeast infection – I’ve had it since before my ER. The severity waxes and wains but lately it gets uncomfortably itchy at night. Waiting to treat it until after I get a positive beta and instructions from my doctor on whether I can use the creams that go in the vagina. I know I can’t have a diflucan. Just been babying it with some Monistat brand healing hydrocortizone cream on the worst place (ONE labia minora is crabby) and ice.

I miss taking a steaming hot bath. I don’t know when I’m allowed to have one of those again but I haven’t had one in 2 weeks, mainly out of superstition.

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