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Adventure Time

We had our IVF consultation today. I took my husband with me, only the second time he has ever come to the clinic. It was basically what I expected. My doctor came in to the smartly appointed office room and began to give us what sounded like a “legally obligated” speech about the risks of IVF. Bla bla bla slightly elevated risk of birth defects, bla bla bla no one is forcing you to do IVF but it’s what I suggest to give you the best odds. Bla bla bla mandatory group meeting for more information, bla bla bla lets do a sonohysterogram to look at your uterus better.

She basically decided on a middle of the road approach for me. Not too lenient because of my FSH issues, and not too heavy duty since I have shown that I respond well to stimulation. She also seemed dead set on ICSI from the start because of my husband’s sperm abnormalities. That’s a bit of a downer, maybe depending on how many eggs we pull I can convince her to try an A/B test. I’m cleared to start as early as my next CD1, starting with birth control pills. I’m on CD8 now so this cycle will have to be on our own. Who knows, maybe we’ll magically get pregnant and have to abort this entire IVF process.

Then we had to do blood draws. Something about checking for infectious diseases, and for me a genetic carrier testing. I have no issues with blood draws so I went first. They took something like 6-8 vials from me, I didn’t really count but it was a lot. My husband doesn’t do well with needles. I don’t know if it’s because he gets nervous or if his blood sugar throws things off, but when they asked him if he needed a drink or had eaten recently he mentioned that he gets funny with needles. The nurses looked at each other and laughed nervously. I guess a husband went down right before our draw. They gave hubby a package of those orange peanut butter crackers and a coke and told him they would take another person and come back for him later. He seemed pleased to get a snack. My draw was rather uncomfortable, it looked like she had the needle in sideways and felt like it was tugging through my skin. My first blood draw was pretty painless so this came as a surprise. Now several hours later my arm is somewhat sore and slightly bruised. They came back for hubby and took 2 vials from him. He did great but requested some water at the end. They rushed him a bottle of water and were pleased they wouldn’t have to scrape him off the floor.

We paid our copay and left. Next stop is the sono on Monday and the group meeting on August 15. Then silence until CD1 around August 29th. I’m actually pretty pumped to get this started. While waiting for hubby’s blood draw we joked around about having a litter of children. “Ones with spots and ones with floppy ears”. Hubby has a “fire everything” approach where he’d be happy to inject 6 embryos. I told him 3 max. My doctor says 1-2. I’m going to try to get her up to 3. I’d be happy with triplets, but I look at it more like, how can 1 of 3 not stick? Seems worth the risk, considering I don’t see it as a risk per say, just completing my family in one step.

My mood has been better lately. Maybe my brain finally cracked and got over the funk it fell in to. I think it’s because I’ve always gotten along better when I have something awesome to look forward to, usually a vacation. In this case it’s getting pregnant. A real shot at getting pregnant. Gaaaaa can we start now please???

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