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It’s Monday and yippee, my vagina rage fest has cooled down to normal ranges. That’s about the only thing to be happy about.

My OPKs went positive around CD14 or 15, and I expected a temp shift to follow. My tests have not really faded back down to nothing, they are not way darker than the control line like they typically are the day before O, but they have gone down to equal to control line darkness. Still technically positive. For the past 2 days my alarm did not wake me to take my temps for some reason. I was finally able to get a temp taken this morning. I expected 98.4 ish, a typical post O temp reading. I got 97.9. That can’t be right. I took it again…97.8. Pre O temps! It would seem I never ovulated. Fertility Friend seems to think I ovulated on CD13, which doesn’t really fit with what a normal cycle looks like for me, nor does it fit with OPK data. My coverline used to be that low last year…but has since moved up to the 98/98.1 range.


Meanwhile here is a typical chart from last month.

I know my body better than a computer. Something is up. I’m pretty sure I didn’t ovulate. Could it be from the diflucan I wonder? Could I have a cyst? I’ve never had this issue before. I guess we’ll find out when I truly did O when AF comes. If it comes.

I finally made my charm bracelets. I wish I would have ordered larger beads but overall I think they turned out well. After all is said and done I really won’t make too much off of each one. I put them up on my ebay for all to enjoy.

Now all I can do is wait for AF, that’s it. What a boring waiting game.

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