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Egg Retreival, Counts, Experience, Embryos….oh my!

I had my ER yesterday. I thought I’d be a lot more nervous than I was. Woke up and took a cool bath to sooth my irritated vag, and sat around waiting for my husband to wake up. He had decided the night before that he would rather try collecting at the clinic than do it in the bathroom at home. I was all for it since the sample would be ultra fresh that way.

We left our house around 8:30 and got to the clinic in no time. I was called quickly and my husband was escorted to his collection room. I had no idea that the ERs were done in clinic since the HSG took place in the radiology department of the neighboring hospital. My anesthesiologist lead me back to the recovery room to get ready, and inside was another woman recovering. I undressed and sat in the wheely recliner, save for my hospital gown, socks, and hair cap.

While waiting to get to the ER room I overheard the embryologist talking to the woman recovering. She had gotten 20 eggs apparently. Her husband anxiously asked if they had any information about his sperm. There was no information given. They seemed very pleased with 20 eggs. I was a little jealous, knowing I would likely not get near that. The anesthesiologist came back for me and walked me down the hall to the ER room. First question asked was how many eggs I thought they would get. I replied that I would be conservative and guess 8. I laid down in a large OR chair while being made comfortable. Apparently the ceiling was painted by one of the doctor’s son in laws. It was whispy clouds and fairly peaceful. “Once the IVF drip starts the ladies tell me the clouds start moving”. “That’s wicked” I said. She placed the IV and I felt drunk within minutes. When I’m drunk I get fairly chatty and this was no different. I could NOT stay quiet. I asked a ton of questions for no reason at all, including “why is there a TV on the wall”, “how long have you been doing this”, “what are the actual drugs in my IV”, “is my arm supposed to feel cold”, and “do you have any funny stories of people who say silly stuff”. It was hard for me to tell if she was getting annoyed but I’m sure she didn’t mind. Apparently she’s been doing that since 1987, there’s a TV on the wall because people can watch the procedure, the drugs in my IV I completely forget except for propofol, there aren’t too many funny stories, and yes, my arm is supposed to feel cold.

She was waiting to pull the trigger on the hard drugs until my doctor was ready. Last thing I remember was hearing someone come in the room, and that’s it. She must have been all “YAY TIME TO SHUT THIS ONE UP” AND plunged away. I woke up again at some point and asked if we had started or if we were done. We were in fact done. I was moved back into my wheely recliner and remember commenting on the blood on the pad on the ER chair. I can’t remember if I asked a question like “is blood normal” or “is that my blood”, or if I was just all “oh wow some blood”. She wheeled me into my recovery room where my husband was waiting. “Do you remember that guy?” “Yep that’s my husband”.

The anesthesiologist relayed some information to my husband while I was sitting there because “she probably won’t remember this”. Jokes on her, I totally remember her saying that but not what she said, lol. He wheeled over on a stool and started rubbing my feet. “Can I take this off? I’m taking this off” I said of my hair cap. I bundled up in my hospital blanket because I was cold. My husband took off his jacket and put it over me. He was being so sweet. After a while I was visited by the embryologist and told I had 10 eggs retrieved. 2 more than my estimate! The anesthesiologist told me to try going pee because a full bladder can make your ovaries hurt. If I could safely manage peeing I could get dressed when I came back. My husband threw my blanket around me to cover my ass flapping in the breeze. NOW I know why there is a chair in the bathroom! My husband sat down in the chair while escorting me. I successfully peed and he helped me shuffle back to my room. He also helped me dress which was cute. Once dressed I was discharged, put into a wheelchair, and wheeled down to go home. When asked about the collection room my husband said he was disappointed, that there was only nudie magazines and no DVDs. “what am I, 15?”. Knowing my husband preferences I thought that was pretty funny. What kind of collection room has no porn?

Hubby got me some McDonald’s to eat, and once lunch was over I curled up in bed and slept on and off for 5 hours. Overall I don’t feel too bad. Heavy and crampy is all. Good thing too since I had to take off this morning to go get my first progesterone shot. Gotta say, it didn’t hurt to much. I swear some of the nurses are better than other at giving shots and this was one of the good ones. Also my yeast infection seems almost entirely gone. How the fuck…? It’s an egg retrieval miracle! I’m sure what ever they used to clean me out helped. Came home and anxiously awaited my call to see how my babies were doing. The call came around 10:30. Out of the 10 retrieved 8 were mature, and of those 5 fertilized normally, 1 fertilized abnormally (3 pronucli instead of 2) and 2 did nothing. Out of the eggs I got those are fairly normal numbers so I’m happy. Because I only have 5 in the running they would like to do a 3 day transfer of the best 2-3 embies, and let the rest keep going and see if they improve to freeze. I’m a little sad about a 3 day transfer but I understand why they do it. Sometimes the womb is better for smaller numbers. The only difference is they might implant 3 that were never going to make it to day 5 in the first place…but there’s a steep drop off between day 3 and day 5 I hear. Perfect day 3s may never make it to day 5 in the lab. Who knows, I just hope hope HOPE all 5 keep going strong and we have at least 2 good ones to put back. Any to freeze at this point would be just icing on the cake.

So that’s where I am. Let’s HOPE my little babies keep growing stronger! Now I can put 2 of my fears to bed. Not only did my follicles produce mature eggs, but my DNA and my husbands DNA made a fertilized embryo!

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