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Lion heart

I had my sonohysterogram yesterday. The entire thing made me feel like such a bad ass bitch and I realized how far I’ve come. Back before my HSG I was terrified of having anyone do anything to my uterus. I went into my appointment all cool calm and collected, was given a pee test, and sent into my room to wait. I hopped up onto the table with a Cosmo and waited for my doctor.

After forever she finally came in, med student in tow. Not sure if I’ve met this one before, there’s too many to keep track of. I briefly put my magazine down to shuffle to the end of the table so my doctor could have access. I resumed reading my Cosmo as my doctor started. Speculum was the worst part, as always. In this case I was sore to begin with (thank my husband) but it didn’t hurt as much as I anticipated. She mentioned having trouble getting through the cervix, to which I mentioned “have fun with that”. The med student laughed and commented on how awesome I am, just laying there reading a Cosmo like it’s nothing. I told her I was one of the rare lucky ones where this stuff doesn’t hurt me.  My doctor finally got through and swapped the speculum for an ultrasound wand. Med student began pumping a syringe of saline into my uterus. The monitor was turned away from me. “I wanna seeeeeee” I whined. She pushed the monitor so we could both see. I watched my uterus fill up like a balloon as my my doctor told the student to push harder. “Go uterus go!” I cheered. My doctor happily echoed my cheer. She took some screen grabs and everything was done. After a rush of saline I was told all looked good. No polyps or odd growths in my uterus. Huzzah!

She left a picture of my uterus up on screen so I snagged a picture. It’s no so much bicornuate like originally thought, more arcuate, meaning just a dip at the top instead of a straight line. She said it’s not bad enough to need fixing. Not sure what the dot in in the middle since I don’t think that was originally on the screen when I took the picture, weird. But there it is, my heart shaped uterus! It’s kind of cute right?


Next stop is the group orientation thing tomorrow night, then a lot of nothing.

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