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The Summer of Clomid

We got our results yesterday. Our appointment was at 1:15 but we weren’t seen until 1:45 because people are inconsiderate and run late for their appointments.

When we got into our consultation room my doctor decided to start off with my husband’s results:

  • Count: 134 Million
  • Motility: 80%
  • Morphology (strict) 3%

As you can see, the main problem is morphology. I know under strict morphology most men won’t fair well, with 14% considered to be top tier. 0-3% is bottom tier. It means that even though he’s got a lot of swimmers, and most of them were moving, they were not perfectly shaped, had 2 tails, no tails, etc. That means they might not be able to swim properly to the egg or get inside and fertilize it. Morphology from what I gather tends to get worse the older the sample is. We were told to give a sample between 2 and 5 days of abstinence. We gave one on day 2 or 3. Usually when we go about our methods of insemination the sample could be anywhere from 2 weeks old to 1 day old. Because his count is good it helps, it means they’ll have a lot to choose from.

Then it was my turn. She showed me my HSG pictures and said everything looked good but there’s a slight chance one of my tubes was inconclusive. Because the dye spilled so fast from one side she figures there wasn’t enough pressure to have a similar spill on the other side. Both tubes spilled though and that’s what’s important. She isn’t concerned but said if I really really wanted to know we could do another HSG but doesn’t find it necessary.

Besides my Factor V, which she says I will have to be on blood thinners for once pregnant, my other results were within normal range….except FSH. My FSH was a 10.4! At 24 that is ridiculously high. That’s like the ovarian reserve of a woman in her late 30s. But because all my other results, including AMA were normal, it isn’t a huge issue, but it’s an issue. I hope it doesn’t mean my eggs are bad, but that I just have less of them left. All in all, we all remark that it’s wonderful I sought treatment in my 20s because by the time I’m 30 it could be too late. Score one for getting married at 19! Only wish my husband would have been on board with baby making earlier on.

It made me feel a little depressed the more I think about it. Why in the world is my FSH so abnormally high? My mother went through menopause in her late 40s early 50s! No answers really. I read somewhere that female carriers of the fragile X gene can have this issue. How could I carry fragile X when NO ONE in my family has ever had a child with this problem, and I don’t think this is typically an asymptomatic gene. I guess I just have to chalk up the FSH level to crappy luck.

So what is a young couple with low egg(low quality?) and poor morphology to do? My doctor presented a few options that aligned exactly with what I wanted to try anyway. We both agreed to try 3 rounds of Clomid/IUI before moving onto IVF. I hope I respond to Clomid, I really do. I have very regular cycles and a noticeable LH surge, so I DO most likely O, at least that’s a plus. The Clomid from what I gather will make me stimulate more eggs then normal. More chances is always cool with me! Clomid carries a 10% chance of twins, double awesome! I’d be happy if I get pregnant with triplets for craps sake! At this point as many kids I can get done in one cycle is a major plus.

I know IUI doesn’t have great odds, but I like thinking of it as “sperm fast pass”. My husband seems to like this description. For all I know my mucus is making it even harder for his oddly shaped sperm and there’s no one left to get to the egg. The fact that I’ve never been pregnant makes me think there’s a problem with the sperm getting to and fertilizing the egg. If my eggs are crappy, wouldn’t that result in a chemical pregnancy? For IUI they will take the best sperm available and give them the red carpet treatment. No waiting through the fun house maze of the cervix and getting lost. No goopy mucus to potentially slow them down. Just the wild wild west of the uterus. Who knows how many sperm get caught up in my cervix and never make it to the promised land. I think out of all problems to have, an IUI will favor our particular issues best. If we have to move onto IVF, so be it.

Everyone remarked about how good our insurance is. I don’t know if I was hearing correctly but it SOUNDED like our maximum out of pocket on IVF is 6 grand. I don’t know if that’s per cycle (3 maximum lifetime) or just the out of pocket max for all 3. Either way, 6 grand is worth it to have a baby. I certainly hope if it gets to IVF that 3 will do the trick, after that we’re on our own. I’m also scared that my egg quality is bad and I will need donor eggs. I would be absolutely crushed if it came to that. I don’t think it will, but it will always weigh on my mind.

I’m to call my office on CD1 and get the ball rolling my my first IUI next cycle. So pumped. I could be on the road to being a mom in the next 6 months. The next 3 months will forever be known as The Summer of Clomid.

Feeling stuck

Yuck, it’s been half a month since my last post! I was on a well deserved vacation the last week in March, and have been in a pre and post vacation fog. Coming back to reality SUCKS. I’m the type of person who needs something to look forward to. It’s like fuel that helps drag me through the infinite doldrum that is my life. Now what do I get to look forward to? Fertility treatments? It all just depresses me. The end result is my new goal. The fire to finally get this shit together and produce a baby is burning white hot. Almost too hot, it hurts.

My husband and I have been talking about moving back to Florida. We’re both born and raised in Ohio, and throughout his life he’s been back and fourth to Florida, living there for a time and then moving back. He even took me there to live for our first year of marriage. Why come back? A number of reasons, mainly money. It’s been 4 years and a lot has changed since our last attempt. It could definitely work this time. I want to pack up and leave….now. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. I’ve decided that we’re not going anywhere until I get pregnant. I don’t want to give up a steady source of income that will pay for this journey. Even though I really don’t enjoy my job as much as I used to, it’s pure recreational income. I’m saving every penny I can so that if it comes to IVF, I’ll be able to make a dent. Plus my husband has good insurance through his current job regarding fertility treatments, we can’t just give that up. Something about staying at a job you don’t see a future at so you can afford to have a child seems very mature, considering my friends conceived at minimum wage jobs or having no jobs at all. It’s so unfair…

I was due to ovulate on Saturday, but due to our vacation my O date seemed to skew off course. Cramps and OPKs point to Sunday instead. I got swimmers Saturday and Sunday. This cycle was so off, I usually get 3 clear days of EWCM with day 3 being O day. I barely had ANY EWCM. Maybe this will be a good thing, maybe copious amounts of EWCM were hindering things.

We’re planning on delivering a sperm sample tomorrow afternoon, yes, finally! I’m excited and worried at the same time. What if it shows his sperm is perfect? What if it shows his sperm is terrible? They’re both equally scary to me. One says I’m the problem, one says he’s the problem. Either way there’s a problem to deal with! What if his sperm is perfect AND they can’t find anything wrong with me? I crave answers.

Then there’s still the matter of bloodwork and HSG. I’m still fairly afraid of having the HSG done, I just don’t WANT to go through that. Hopefully we’ll be successful this month and all this will work out. Hopefully…

To SA or not to SA

I’m 10 DPO today, and although I decided not to test last month, I DID want to test today. I know it’s going to be negative, there’s just no way it could ever be positive. Nope. Just can’t happen. Unfortunately half way into peeing this morning I realized I wasn’t testing! Turns out I’m out of tests anyway. I don’t have any out of the ordinary symptoms, like some of these women on the baby forums talk about. Boobs hurt the normal amount of hurt, my sense of smell is the same, I have the same symptoms as every other negative month. I’d like to think when it works that I’ll have some sort of “ah ha” moment where I get brown nipples or a super human sense of smell or insert other bizarre super early pregnancy symptom.

We figured if I got a negative today it would be all the more incentive to submit a sample for SA tonight. Makes sense right? The problem is I HATE testing. I can’t remember exactly which month my overwhelming, Christmas morning 10DPO excitement started to fade. Probably somewhere around the 7th negative. I want to test, but I also want to just say fuck it and submit the SA anyway because….there’s just no way I could have a positive and I need to stop thinking in those terms and just realize this is not going to happen on it’s own. My mind probably wouldn’t believe it anyway if I did see 2 lines.

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