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Teetering precariously

9dpo/10dpt today, still getting visible positives. They are progressing down, but not very quickly like last month. This time last month I stopped my progesterone 10dpo because the lines were ghost lines. If this keeps progressing down then why would the trigger test out faster one month? I HATE TRIGGERS! Gah! What I would give for one darker test because then you KNOW that shit isn’t an accident. I feel very full and my ovaries feel tender. I’m guessing it’s all just a ruse and I’m not pregnant. Probably just cysts. Little fluid filled bastards just sitting on my ovaries, mocking me.

I have mad cravings for Taco Bell. I have no idea why but it’s like I have no choice to drive myself to TB and get food. I went yesterday, and it was everything I could hope for and more. Now brain wants it again today. Probably going to give in. My throat is mucusy and gross from being ill earlier in the week and spicy food helps clear me out. Plus if a couple of bucks is all it takes to make my brain shut off and be happy for a few hours then it’s more than worth it. I’m petite, so whatevs. TGIF.

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